Taigalamp has a live flame that is created using pure mineral oil that doesn´t smoke, soot and is almost completely odorless. The oil comes in an oilcell that burns for up to 40 hours and after the oilcell is empty, you just switch to a new one. That way the lamp and the surroundings remain clean.

What really is the difference between Taigalamp and a traditional candle is the safety and cleanliness it provides. If the lamp happens to tip over, the metallic safety sleeve on top of the oil cell extinguishes the flame immediately.

Taigalamp is recommended by The Finnish National Rescue Association (SPEK).

Why choose Taigalamp?



The pure mineral oil doesn´t smudge or stain in case of a spill. It evaporates from all surfaces such as table cloths and doesn´t leave a trace. Thanks to the changeable oilcell, the lamp and the environment remain clean and you can forget about the typical candlewax stains.




There are numerous glasstypes and decorative sleeves in different colours, that can easily be used to change the look of a Taigalamp.



If the lamp tips over, the safety, (decorative) sleeve placed on top of the oilcell extuingishes the flame immediately and prevents any dangerous situations. Thanks to this, Taigalamp is recommended by The Finnish National Rescue Association (SPEK).




When considering the savings in cleaning costs and the safety features compared to a traditional candle, the Taigalamp is an ideal solution when you want to create the warm ambiance of a live flame, especially in crowded surroundings.